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About Linguatrust

Linguatrust is a UK based Translation and Language Tuition Service providing translation (French-to-English & Spanish-to-English), copy editing and language tuition internationally. Learn French, Spanish or English in the comfort of your own home with a highly qualified, experienced and friendly teacher. The easy-to-use online platform provides you with the same learning tools as a face-to-face learning environment, without the extra expense and time needed to travel to your teacher. It also means you have access to the best teacher, not just the closest.

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About the lessons

The Tutor Sharon's approach to teaching has been informed through the most recent studies into language learning/teaching, as well as her own  research in Applied Linguistics.


Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of every learner, whether an adult or a school age student, whether learning for academic reasons, for pleasure or for work. Importance is given to all four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and to the specific language needs of each student.

Exam Courses

French: GCSE; A Level and DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française)

Spanish: GCSE, A Level and DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera)

English: English Language and Literature GCSE and English for Academic Purposes

English for Speakers of Other Languages: ESOL Skills for Life, Functional Skills English and IELTS (International English Language Testing Systems)

The Tutor, Translator, Trainer

Sharon Baker has been translating texts of a wide variety of genres from French to English and from Spanish to English for over ten years. She has been teaching French, Spanish and English as a Foreign / Additional Language to all ages and abilities and for all the main exam boards (UK, France and Spain) for over 15 years. Sharon has been teaching English Language and Literature GCSE and English for Academic Purposes for as long. She is a friendly and flexible teacher, who quickly puts her students at ease, and an accurate and professional translator and copy editor. Sharon is also an ESOL Tutor Trainer and ESOL Programme Consultant.


Master of Education (Applied Linguistics) with Distinction; BA (Hons) in French & English Language Studies (Upper 2nd class); Diploma in English for International Communication (Spanish); Diploma in Spanish Language Studies; CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Sharon believes that Continued Professional Development is extremely important and recent courses she has completed include: Understanding Autism; Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching; and Working Supportively with Refugees.

Online classes really do work

Detailed quantitative study of learning online shows success, even among those with least preparation.

For a Better Brain, Learn Another Language

Polyglots tend to be good at paying attention in a wide variety of ways, especially when performing visual tasks and when multitasking, which is likely improved thanks to the practice of mentally switching between one’s native and foreign language while learning the foreign language.

This is great news for anyone who is multi-lingual, but, really, it is positive news for everyone. The dementia-delaying effects of learning a second language are not contingent on becoming fluent; it just matters that a person tries to learn it. 


Sharon is a GCSE and A Level examiner and the ESOL Advisor and Lead Tutor for an organisation supporting refugees and asylum seekers, coordinating a multi-learner multi-level English language programme and a team of ESOL tutors.

Sharon has lived in France and Spain for many years and consequently has knowledge of the culture of both countries and that of the Francophone and Hispanic worlds in general. 

Sharon was awarded a Master of Education in Applied Linguistics with Distinction in 2016

Launch of ESOL Toolkit designed by Linguatrust for Sandwell Language Network

Linguatrust designed a complete ESOL Toolkit for the Sandwell Language Network which includes all learning materials and resources as well as full schemes of work for Pre-Entry to Entry level 3. The Toolkit was launched at the SLN Celebration Event, and the Sandwell Consortium have been sharing it locally and regionally, including at WM Strategic Migration Partnership ESOL Priority Working Group.

Launch of Linguatrust designed ESOL Toolkit for SLN
Some Testimonials 

Linguatrust developed, piloted and customised an online Toolkit for the Sandwell Language Network (SLN) in 2021-22, as part of a boroughwide community ESOL programme. The result is a fantastic online resource for ESOL Tutors for basic/pre-entry skills level upwards, adaptable for informal community settings as well as more formal learning environments. We invited Sharon from Linguatrust to speak at the celebration event of the SLN programme in July 2022. She presented the Toolkit and spoke with in-depth knowledge and passion about the importance of language learning for wellbeing as well as to address social, health and economic inequalities. We're delighted to have the Toolkit as part of the legacy of the programme and would be very happy to work with Linguatrust again in the future.

- Louise Kilbride, CEO, Sandwell Consortium CIC

So pleased I found Sharon! I own a Spanish restaurant, Bar Limón. Sharon has translated several texts and documents from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. She has excellent cultural knowledge –ensuring Bar Limón provides an authentic Spanish / Hispanic experience. Sharon was professional, accurate and prompt. To sum up a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon her services again

- Lucy Dunlop, Owner of Bar Limón

Sharon played a key role in helping my son to prepare for his French GCSC exams this year. My son was getting a little discouraged with his French lesson as he was not receiving proper support from his school. His grades weren't progressing towards his desired level. Sharon worked really hard with him to ensure he received the guidance and support he needed. Sharon had an in-depth knowledge of the GCSE French syllabus and the exam requirements, as well as a huge variety of resources and materials to draw upon and a solid teaching experience. My son really enjoyed his lessons with Sharon, and found her to be patient, motivating and encouraging, and this, in turn, helped him to attain a high grade in his recent GCSC exams. Although my son will not be doing French for his A Levels, he has decided to continue having regular lessons with her so he can continue to improve his knowledge of the language. Thank you, Sharon, for being an amazing tutor!

- Binder K


Eden Church runs an ESOL programme aimed at displaced people groups who have fled conflict in their own countries. We have used the services of Linguatrust for the past 4 years in a consultancy capacity. I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough. Her knowledge around these issues is extensive and her support and advice timely, effective and appropriate. She has been a valuable source of advice when dealing with complex issues and has offered training opportunities and workshops to further enhance the knowledge and skills of staff. She has been, and continues to be, a valuable asset to our work.

- Janice Watts, ESOL Coordinator, Eden Church


An amazing teacher who starts the lesson with 'Buenos días' and goes on speaking in Spanish. I was shocked that my son who never spoke in confidence started speaking fluently. Sharon made my son so comfortable and confident that he started paying more attention to Spanish which he always thought he will never pass. He's got an excellent Spanish result in his GCSE's and thanks to Sharon, mum is thinking of taking classes too. :) Highly recommend her to everyone. Amazing lady with great personality and your kids/yourself I believe will succeed!  Thank you Sharon!

- Sujata

I think 5 stars are unjustifiable and inadequate for describing the work of Sharon! Regardless of the warm nature of her character, she is an amazing professional who will guide you according to your personal needs and the nature of the task you ask her to assist you with. The fact she speaks many languages and has lived outside the UK gives her the skills and knowledge to teach you how to write and speak accordingly, and easily reach you to the level of a native speaker. I asked Sharon to assist me improving my English academic writing skills, for implementing my PhD thesis. Within a period of three months my writing skills were improved dramatically. Proof of this are the 30k words consisting one of my chapters, that i wrote within a month. No note here that i had zero writing skills, adding to this that I had to write not at my native language. Also, with her proof reading I managed to deliver an excellent chapter for the continuation of my thesis. There is not much to think regarding the quality of professionalism she delivers. Just email her for checking the validity of my words and have the chance to experience what I am describing.

- Leah

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